Now Available: Guidance on Addressing Contaminated Sediment Sites in Wisconsin (RR-0124)

Following a public comment period, the publication Guidance on Addressing Contaminated Sediment Sites in Wisconsin (RR-0124) is now posted and available online.

The document can be found here. Additional documents and guidance from the Remediation and Redevelopment Program may be found using the search tools available on the publications and forms webpage.

The purpose of this guidance is to outline approaches for investigating and remediating hazardous substances discharges that impact sediment to comply with the requirements in Wisconsin Statutes (Wis. Stat.) ch. 292 and the applicable provisions of Wisconsin Administrative (Wis. Admin.) Code chs. NR 700-799. This guidance explains the steps recommended for assessment of contaminated sediment, evaluation of remedial options and the selection, design, implementation and monitoring of remedial actions. This guidance will clarify closure requirements at sites with contaminated sediments, including continuing obligations, long term stewardship and financial assurance.

Questions regarding this document may be submitted to Carrie Webb at

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