Employment Opportunities: Regional Spills Coordinator and Complex Sites Project Manger

The Wisconsin DNR’s Remediation and Redevelopment (RR) program is hiring a Regional Spills Coordinator and a Complex Sites Project Manager.

Both positions will be stationed in Dane County – the Regional Spills Coordinator at the Fitchburg DNR office, and the Complex Sites Project Manager at the downtown Madison DNR office. Note that DNR staff are teleworking during the current phase of the state employee Bounce Back Plan. These positions will report to the Fitchburg and Madison offices, respectively, with return to normal operations.

The deadline to apply for the Spills Coordinator position is August 18, 2020. The application deadline for the Complex Sites position is August 31, 2020.

For additional information, please see the job announcement for the Spills Coordinator position or the Complex Sites position.

New Hazardous Substance Spills Publication Available

RR Program staff have updated the popular “Reporting Hazardous Substance Spills” (RR-560) publication, available online for posting in your office or sharing with clients and colleagues.

Wis. Stat. § 292.11 (2) and Wis. Admin. § NR 706.5 require individuals and entities that possess or control a hazardous substance, or that cause the discharge of a hazardous substance to the environment to notify DNR immediately about the discharge. RR-560 summarizes reporting requirements, reporting exemptions, and DNR spill coordinator contact information. RR-560 is intended for use in businesses and other places where hazardous substance spills may occur, so that reporting requirements can be quickly determined and followed. It is also useful for local governments, environmental consultants, and individuals involved in commercial/industrial property construction and development.