Site Investigation Checklist is now Fillable Form

The Remediation and Redevelopment program’s site investigation checklists, released in April 2019, are now available in fillable PDF format.

The Site Investigation Work Plan Preparation Checklist (Form 4400-316, formerly RR-096) and the Site Investigation Report (SIR) Preparation Checklist (Form 4400-317, formerly RR-097) are optional tools that environmental consultants and responsible parties can use to help develop site investigation work plans and reports in compliance with Wis. Admin. Code NR 716.

The checklists provide corresponding rule citations for each item to consider, as well as a space to write comments as you proceed. In addition, the SIR checklist identifies the related section of the closure form to assist in the future preparation of a closure packet.

In the coming weeks, the RR Program will share information regarding a conference call or other distance learning opportunity to go over these new guidance documents. The RR program is also working on a new webpage that will serve as a one-stop shop for a variety of site investigation tools.

Questions or feedback regarding these checklists may be directed to Judy Fassbender, Policy and Technical Resources Section Chief.

Please remember that the RR program fillable PDF forms work best when completed using Internet Explorer as your desktop web browser. To complete and save all PDF forms provided on the program’s website, also be sure your device is running Adobe Reader, version 8 or higher.

Additional information is on the DNR’s Portable Document Format web page.

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