PECFA Reimbursement Reminders

180 Days to Submit Claims

Claimants and consultants planning to seek reimbursement for costs incurred on PECFA-eligible projects are reminded that they have only 180 days from the day the expense was incurred to submit the claim to the Department. There is no extension on that deadline. If you hand-deliver a claim, please make sure to get a date stamp from the Department staff receiving the claim.  In addition to the date it was hand delivered and date stamped, the Department will also consider the date of submittal to the Department to be the date it’s emailed, faxed or postmarked.

IRS Form 1099

PECFA applicants and/or claimants will receive a Form 1099-G from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue each year they receive a reimbursement. However, they do not have to pay taxes on PECFA reimbursement money. Although a taxpayer is not required to disclose the fact that an amount is being excluded from income on their return, the Form 1099-G is provided to the IRS. Therefore, it is in the taxpayer’s interest to include language on the return to explain the purpose of the reimbursement and how the amount is treated for tax purposes, making correspondence and/or invoices from the IRS less likely. Consultants and PECFA agents should provide this information to applicants/claimants.

Here’s an example of an applicable disclosure statement: “In (year) I received payments from the Wisconsin PECFA fund in the amount of $(amount). This payment is a reimbursement for costs incurred for environmental cleanup of gas/oil spill on my property. The $(amount) is excludable under Internal Revenue Code Section 126.”


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