Reminder – Correct Fee Amounts For NR 700 Submittals

The Remediation and Redevelopment (RR) Program reminds responsible parties, consultants and others requesting services to submit correct fee amounts for technical assistance and liability clarification requests.

Wisconsin Administrative (Wis. Admin.) Code ch. NR 749 requires fees for technical review of documents (when required under code or when a response is requested from the DNR) and for clarification of environmental liability.

More information on fees is available on the RR Program’s fee webpage, in RR-966, Remediation and Redevelopment Program Fee Schedule and in RR-997, Guidance: Implementation of Wis. Admin. Code chs. NR 749 & NR 750 Fees.

If you need help identifying the required fees for your submittal, please contact the environmental program associate (EPA) in the appropriate regional office (see the EPA tab at

Fees may be paid by check, electronic funds transfer (EFT/ACH) or credit card.

  • To pay by check, make your check payable to “Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.” Submit your documentation through the RR Submittal Portal and mail the confirmation page generated by the Submittal Portal with your check to the appropriate regional EPA.
  • To pay by EFT/ACH, contact the appropriate regional EPA office before submitting the fee to let them know you are paying by this method to help the EPA match funds to the proper documentation and speed up processing. Follow these instructions to set up the EFT/ACH or wire transfer payment.
  • To pay by credit card, please get in touch with the appropriate regional EPA.


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