Monthly PECFA Financial Summaries: October – December, 2020

The Remediation and Redevelopment Program provides updates on the status of the Petroleum Environmental Cleanup Fund Award (PECFA) program claims and the overall PECFA budget.

Please note that the PECFA program ended on June 30, 2020. The “sunset date” is found in Wis. Stat. § 292.63(3)(ac).

The DNR does not have statutory authority to unilaterally change or amend a deadline found in statute as that authority is exclusive to the state legislature.

The monthly financial summaries are as follows:

Month Claims Number  Value
Oct. Claims Paid 19 $337,084
Claims in Audit Line (as of 10/31/20) 1 $10,080
Total Paid FY21 $4,107,040
Nov. Claims Paid 0 $0
Claims in Audit Line (as of 11/30/20) 1 $10,080
Total Paid FY21 $4,107,040
Dec. Claims Paid 5 $4,903
Claims in Audit Line (as of 12/31/20) 1 $10,080
Total Paid FY21 $4,111,943





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