Public hearing for NR 700 proposed rule changes on Oct. 16, 2020

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announces that it will hold a public hearing on October 16, 2020, to receive public comment and feedback on emergency rule RR-11-17(E) and proposed permanent rule RR-10-17. The DNR will hold one public hearing for both rules. The hearing will be held via Skype. Meeting registration and details are available in the public hearing notice.

Written comments on the rules may be submitted any time before or on October 23, 2020. Details on how to provide comments are included in the public hearing notice.

These rule changes affect the Wis. Admin. Code NR 700 rule series related to remediation of hazardous substance discharges and environmental pollution. The changes relate to implementation of 2015 Wisconsin Act 204 and 2017 Wisconsin Act 70, direction for cleanup of sites with contaminated sediments, and other changes needed to update, clarify, and promote consistency within Wis. Admin. Code chs. NR 700-799.

Further information on this rulemaking can be found on the NR 700-799 rule changes web page at:

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