Reminder: Closure Packet Revision Submittals

The Remediation and Redevelopment (RR) Program reminds consultants that when submitting revisions to a closure submittal as requested by the DNR project manager, the consultant need only submit the revised pages to the DNR project manager via the Document Submittal Portal.

This will save both the consultant and DNR project manager time reviewing only the necessary information. In order to ensure that revisions are completed by the appropriate person and are properly tracked, consultants are asked to initial and date all pages of any revisions submitted.

If, for some reason, the DNR project manager requests an entire revised closure packet and/or a revised certification and signature page, the consultant must submit a complete and correct certification and signature from the newest version of the closure form (4400-202 R 8/16).

Page 11 on the newest version of the form will have this statement at the top: This page has been updated as of February 2019 to comply with the requirements of Wis. Admin. Code ch. NR 712.

Please see Guidance for Submitting Documents (RR-960) for complete information on submitting documents to the RR Program.


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