RR Program Web and IT Updates

The Remediation and Redevelopment (RR) Program has created a new web page for contaminated soil and sediment, and recently completed additional webpage updates.

The new contaminated soil and sediment web page contains guidance and instructions on the soil RCL calculator and information about alternative soil assessments, soil and materials management under Wis. Admin. Code ch. NR 718, historic fill exemptions, contaminated sediments, PCBs in soil, smear zone contamination, and biodegradation as a remedial action.

If you already have Resources for Environmental Professionals bookmarked, a link to the new webpage can be found in the “Related Links” section, as well as at the top of that page for a limited time.

Other recent RR Program and DNR updates include:

  • A Spanish subtitled version of the popular Vapor Intrusion 101 video has been added to the vapor intrusion webpage.
  • Professional and general public resources regarding vapor intrusion have been combined into one topic under the Environmental Contamination heading.
  • A PFAS topic has been added under the Environmental Contamination heading on the RR homepage.
  • The Liability topic has been moved to the Brownfields Redevelopment heading on the RR homepage.
  • A new General Resources heading has been created on the RR homepage and now contains Conferences, Training Library, Publications and Forms, as well as the Environmental Services Contractor List (RR-024).
  • The Immediate Spill Response Contractor’s List (RR-089) can now be found under the Cleanup Tools heading on the RR homepage.

Finally, the Environmental Management (EM) Division, of which the RR Program is one of several programs, has launched a new webpage called EM Insight. EM Insight is an online quarterly report that includes brief summaries of Division highlights and profiles some of the great results that have been achieved by Division staff, teams and partnerships. Programs within the Division include Air Management, Drinking Water and Groundwater, Office of Great Waters, Remediation and Redevelopment, Waste & Materials Management, and Water Quality.

EM Insight is a product of the EM Division Communications Team, and replaces previous lengthy, static annual reports. The team’s goal is to provide timely and easily digestible reports of division news and highlights for its partners and the public.

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