New Fillable PDF Form for Materials Management Plan

A new, fillable PDF form has replaced RR-072. The new form is 4400-315: Recommended Template for Request to Manage Materials under Wis. Admin. Code § NR 718.12 or NR 718.15

The purpose of this form is to provide an optional template format for consultants and responsible parties to demonstrate the proposed management of solid waste material qualifies for a Wis. Admin. Code § NR 718.12 or NR 718.15 exemption and to request written approval of the request.

This form may be included as part of an interim or remedial action plan (RAP) or post closure modification request. It can be submitted by itself, depending on the activities conducted at the site.

The use of this optional form will likely result in a faster DNR review. At a minimum, all requests must satisfy the requirements of a soil management plan as outlined in Wis. Admin. Code § 718.12 (1) and (2) (b).

The updated form (4400-315) can be found on the RR Program Environmental Professionals webpage under the forms and guidance tab.

Please note that DNR’s fillable PDF forms are only supported on desktop versions of Internet Explorer 10. Those forms will not work with mobile devices.

To complete and save all PDF forms provided on the DNR’s website, please be sure your device is running Adobe Reader [exit DNR] version 8 or higher.

Additional information is on the DNR’s Portable Document Format web page.

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