Electronic Documents to be Submitted Via RR Submittal Portal

Under the NR 700 rule series, responsible parties (RPs), or their representative, must provide DNR with one paper copy and one electronic copy of all submitted documents, including those related to case closure requests. These submittal requirements can be found in Wis. Admin. Code § NR 700.11 (3g), as well as throughout Wis. Admin. Code chs. NR 700 ‐ 754 for specific situations.

Since January 2019, the RR Program has directed RPs and consultants to submit all electronic documents required by Wis. Admin. Code chs. NR 700-754 via the RR Program Submittal Portal.

However, we are still receiving many submittals through email and ftp, which can significantly slow down processing and review of your submittal.

We are again directing consultants to submit electronic documents via the Submittal Portal. Directions and more information about the application can be found on the RR Program Submittal Portal webpage and in the RR Program Guidance for Submitting Documents (RR-690). Remember, the electronic file should be an exact duplicate of the paper document, and any electronic file may not be “locked” or password protected per Wis. Admin. Code § NR 700.11(3g). The submittal will not be considered complete until a paper copy, acceptable electronic copy and fee (if applicable) is received.

RR project managers who receive electronic documents as email attachments will contact RPs and their consultants to direct them to submit all electronic documents via the Submittal Portal.


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