Requests for DNR “Acknowledgment Letter” Due January 18

If you plan to apply for an FY2019 EPA brownfield grant, you have until Friday, January 18 to request your letter of acknowledgment from the Wisconsin DNR’s Remediation and Redevelopment Program as part of your federal grant application.

To learn how to get a DNR letter of acknowledgment, and other useful information, visit the DNR Federal brownfield grants web page.

The EPA requires grant applicants other than tribal environmental authorities to obtain a letter from the DNR acknowledging that the state is aware the applicant is applying for a federal grant to conduct brownfield assessment, cleanup activities, or for multipurpose grants.

While the federal deadline to submit an application for Brownfields Assessment, Cleanup, or Multipurpose grants isn’t until January 31, 2019, the DNR requests two weeks’ notice – January 18 – to develop and deliver your letter in a timely manner.

You can request your state letter of acknowledgment from the DNR by contacting Gena Larson, or at (608) 261-5404.

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