Important PECFA Claim Processing Update: Revised Process for IRS W-9 and STAR Vendor Forms

The State of Wisconsin’s financial system requires accurate and up-to-date tax information to ensure timely payment of invoices and reimbursement of claims related to the PECFA program. The Department of Administration (DOA) updated the STAR Vendor form to better address needed changes to claimant information (i.e. address, change of tax identification number, change of name, etc.) and to make the form more user friendly.

As of September 26, 2018, existing claimants are only required to submit the IRS W-9 form with their claims, provided there are no updates to the name, address or tax identification number previously submitted. If updates are needed to the claimant information, or if you have any questions about this new procedure, please contact Adrian Herrera for the appropriate forms to fill out and submit. Accuracy of information will be checked during the claim audit process and claimants will be contacted if W-9 information does not match the claimant information on file.

The new supplier information update forms are available on the DNR’s PECFA web page under the “Documents” tab.

CLARIFICATION: Claimants are still required to submit a new W-9 at the beginning of every year, whether or not the information changes. A copy of the most current W-9 must be included with every claim (i.e. the W-9 should have a signature and date in the year of the claim submittal). If changes to the claimant’s information are needed throughout the year, please see article above.

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