Free Professional Brownfields Assistance for Local Governments

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency funds professional service providers around the country to help local governments and tribes affected by environmental issues at brownfield properties. These professionals are part of the Technical Assistance for Brownfields (TAB) program and serve as no-cost independent advisors and resource providers for community revitalization efforts.

Wisconsin is fortunate to have two very experienced and talented TAB service providers available to our communities. Margaret Renas, from the Chicago-based nonprofit Delta Institute, is a professional engineer with a great deal of environmental consulting and community redevelopment experience. Maggie Egbarts, from Kansas State University, is the TAB Coordinator for EPA Regions 5 and 7, and has many years of experience in environmental assessment, cleanup, regulatory compliance and revitalization activities.

Examples of some of the free TAB services that can be provided to your community, upon your request and the availability of service providers, include:

  • Assistance with inventory and prioritization of sites for redevelopment.
  • Guidance in finding and contracting with environmental firms.
  • Identification of potential funding sources and assisting with introductions to federal agencies
  • Strategic planning and redevelopment visioning workshops.
  • Economic feasibility and sustainability analysis.
  • Technical presentations, workshops and seminars on brownfields-related topics.
  • Independent review and summarization of technical documents.
  • Pre-review of draft grant applications for EPA brownfield funding.
  • Community outreach liaison service between you, state or federal agencies, or other entities.

For more information, and to learn how TAB professionals can help your community, contact:

Maggie Egbarts
(785) 532 0762

Margaret Renas
(312) 651-4335

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