New and Improved: RR Report Now Web-based

Newsfeed Screen ShotWelcome to the new RR Report! In August, the RR Program’s RR Report changed from a static, PDF-based publication into a new, online newsfeed. The move represents the Program’s continuing commitment to outreach and communication.

The new RR Report offers greater functionality beyond the static version. It is searchable by category, tag or by key words or phrases. As we add new content to the site, the search feature will grow more robust. We hope that subscribers will appreciate the significant upgrades that this newsfeed format provides.

Our new site also offers the opportunity to post items more frequently than ever before. If you’re a frequent reader of the RR Report, you can visit the page whenever you like and see new content as it is posted here: We will notify subscribers every few weeks of posts that occurred during that time; we may occasionally alert readers to time-sensitive posts.

As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions regarding the RR Report. Please contact Mick Skwarok via email or by phone at 608-266-9263.

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