180 Days and June 30, 2020: Two “Dates” to Remember

If you’re a PECFA claimant or a consultant planning to seek reimbursement for costs incurred on PECFA-eligible sites, you’re reminded of two very important deadlines:

  • PECFA claims must be submitted to the DNR within 180 days of incurring costs (i.e., completing a task).  If a claim for costs incurred is not submitted within this deadline, the costs will not be eligible for PECFA reimbursement; and
  • All claims must be submitted by June 30, 2020, which is the day that the PECFA program will end in Wisconsin.

The DNR considers the date of submittal to the DNR to be the date a claim is emailed, postmarked, faxed or hand-delivered. If you plan to hand-deliver a claim, the DNR suggests getting a date stamp from the DNR staff person who receives the claim as a best management practice.

It would be most advantageous for sites in the PECFA program to have a Site Investigation and Remedial Action Options Report complete and submitted to DNR by now in order to be on track for closure by the June 30, 2020 if reimbursement is being sought.

Your DNR Project Manager can assist you with meeting that deadline.

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