General Program Announcements

DNR Commits $4.3 Million to Portage Canal Cleanup

Dredging and cleanup of a nearly three-quarter mile section of the Portage Canal is moving ahead with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources providing $4.3 million to cover the cost of the work.

“In the spirit of Gov. Evers’ declaring 2019 the Year of Clean Drinking Water, the DNR is committed to cleaning up contaminated sediments in this section of the Portage Canal,” said DNR Secretary Preston Cole. “We’re excited to work with the city on this cleanup project and look forward to seeing the bicycle and pedestrian pathways the city plans to construct along the canal.”

As the owner of the Portage Canal, the state of Wisconsin is responsible for taking the necessary actions to address the contamination that has impacted the canal. “Completing this project is one of the agency’s top priorities,” said Cole.

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NR 700 – 754 Rules Meeting on May 7, 2019

On May 7, 2019, the Remediation and Redevelopment (RR) Program will host a meeting to provide information and seek input on the development of revisions to select provisions of Wis. Admin. Code chs. NR 700799, Environmental Protection – Investigation and Remediation of Environmental Contamination.

This meeting is part of a series of rule development meetings that the RR program is hosting as it develops proposed rule revisions. The May 7 meeting will be a discussion of rule development relating to:

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EPA Brownfield Grants for Environmental Job Training

The U.S. EPA Brownfields program is now accepting applications for its Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training (EWDJT) grant. The deadline is June 10, 2019.

Through the EWDJT program, graduates develop skill sets to improve their ability to secure full-time, sustainable employment in various aspects of hazardous and solid waste management and within the larger environmental field, including sustainable cleanup and reuse, water quality improvement, chemical safety, and pesticide management.

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Site Investigations Basics; TAB Webinar on May 2, 2019

Register today for a free webinar about the environmental assessment and investigation of real property and how the results of these processes impact redevelopment options.

The webinar is May 2, 2019, at 1:30 p.m. (CST), and is sponsored by the National Technical Assistance to Brownfields Program, which is funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). You can register here:

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RR Program Seeks Four Hydrogeologists

The DNR’s Remediation and Redevelopment (RR) Program has four Hydrogeologist positions to fill; two positions in the Milwaukee office, one position based in either Ashland, Park Falls, Rhinelander or Superior, and one position based in the Eau Claire office. All four jobs will be filled at the senior level position.

These are technical positions in which the qualified candidate must have solid knowledge of geology and hydrogeology, well hydraulics, chemistry, soil science, environmental clean-ups, and biological processes in subsurface soil and groundwater environments. They support regional coordination of a major environmental program that affects other department programs, state agencies, local communities and the public. Specifically, this involves providing technical advice and recommendations to management, co-workers, senior staff, and central office personnel.

Please see the job announcement for details on the position descriptions and how to apply.

The deadline to apply for these positions is April 29, 2019.

Electronic Documents to be Submitted Via RR Submittal Portal

Under the NR 700 rule series, responsible parties (RPs), or their representative, must provide DNR with one paper copy and one electronic copy of all submitted documents, including those related to case closure requests. These submittal requirements can be found in Wis. Admin. Code § NR 700.11 (3g), as well as throughout Wis. Admin. Code chs. NR 700 ‐ 754 for specific situations.

Since January 2019, the RR Program has directed RPs and consultants to submit all electronic documents required by Wis. Admin. Code chs. NR 700-754 via the RR Program Submittal Portal.

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PFAS Technical Advisory Group – Fate and Transport Subgroup to Meet April 18

The Remediation and Redevelopment (RR) Program will host a meeting of the PFAS Technical Advisory Group – Fate and Transport subgroup on Thursday, April 18, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. The meeting will be held in Madison, at the Natural Resources Building, in Room 513.

Fate and transport of PFAS is fundamental to the investigation and cleanup of a contaminated site.

To attend the meeting in person, please RSVP to Mick Skwarok. To join the meeting via conference call, dial 1-855-947-8255, passcode 6612 745#.

The RR Program has convened the PFAS Technical Advisory Group to discuss PFAS-related concerns that are specific to the assessment and cleanup of environmental contamination. The goal of the group is to examine the what, where, when and how of PFAS investigation and remediation by sharing concerns, identifying current and proposed practices and strategizing on issues requiring solutions.

A meeting agenda and presentation materials will soon be posted on the PFAS Technical Advisory Group web page.

DNR and DHS Work Together to Improve Water Quality in Wisconsin

The Department of Natural Resources announced two new water quality initiatives as part of Governor Evers’ Year of Clean Drinking Water declaration for 2019.

This week the DNR worked with Department of Health Services (DHS) to ask the health agency to review 40 contaminants for possible groundwater quality standards. This work comes on the heels of the department asking DHS last spring to review an initial 27 contaminants, including two per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). PFAS are a group of human-made chemicals that have been used for decades in numerous products, such as non-stick cookware, fast food wrappers, stain resistant sprays and firefighting foam.

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Remediation & Redevelopment Seeks Program Director

The Department of Natural Resources is seeking a diverse, qualified, and talented candidate pool for the Remediation & Redevelopment (RR) Program Director position.

The deadline to apply for this position is March 13, 2019. The position is based in Madison, Wis.

This is a critical position in the agency. The director serves as the leader and strategist in developing and directing a comprehensive, statewide program, assuring that applicable state laws are met. Among other duties, this position directs and provides oversight for all policy development, technical work, program administration, planning, legislative and intergovernmental liaison work, and personnel and fiscal management related to the proper management and implementation of remediation and redevelopment work.

If you are interested in the position, please see the job description, which also contains information on how to apply.